October 17-21 the international expert team reviews the Klaipėda State College. The experts have already analyzed the College‘s self-evaluation report and now the meetings with the heads and board of institution, academic community, students, alumni and social partners will be organized.


On November 3rd the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education  (SKVC) organized an international conference in Vilnius under the topic of "Internationalisation and quality: the role of leadership in finding the fine balance". The managerial responsibility for considering international strategies was discussed.


On September 6-7th the 6th joint Baltic states quality assurance agencies meeting takes place in Vilnius.

According to the director of Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) Mrs Nora Skaburskiene, this meeting is special because of higher attention paid to the quality assurance of professional education.

On August 25-26th SKVC delegates took part in a joint Northern and Baltic states higher education quality assurance agencies meeting in Copenhagen (Denmark).


The ENIC/NARIC offices from the Baltic and Nordic countries have prepared a manual for admission officers in higher education institutions – the Nordic/Baltic Admissions Manual. This manual aims at increasing transparency and transferability of qualifications within the region by facilitating recognition.


On May 10th, SKVC had a meeting with the universities representatives. During the meeting such topics as SKVC activities, results, influence and value, suitability of the applied methods of higher education evaluation, the role of universities ensuring the quality of education also strengths and weaknesses of SKVC activities were discussed.


Ms Aurelija Valeikiene, Deputy Director of the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) delivered a key-note presentation at the inauguration of the International Week in Vilniaus Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences (VIKO) on April 25th, 2016.


The Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education is now undergoing the self-assessment process and preparing for the international peer visit foreseen in February, 2017.


Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education made some corrections at the annex of the Analysis of 2011-2015 External Review of Higher Education Institutions in Lithuania.


SKVC (Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education) worked together with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania, the Education Exchanges Support Foundation (SMPF) and the national experts for higher education to organize the international conference aimed at quality assurance issues in higher education under the Bologna Process, which took place on March 30, 2016 in Vilnius.

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