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Vision, mission, values and logo


Based on competence and partnership, together with the main stakeholders, we strive to create in Lithuania and Europe the dynamic, cohesive, efficient higher education, which would be based on common values and would be attractive and valued by individuals, organizations and society. 

Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) aims to become an internationally operating and partner-recognized expert organization. An important direction of development is the generation of new ideas in the field of higher education quality assurance and recognition of qualifications. SKVC's activities are inseparable from the adoption and dissemination of international good practices and active contribution to their formation. This requires high level of professionalism from the organization, in order to build public awareness on the issues of quality of studies and recognition of qualifications. In the future, SKVC sees itself not only as an active player in the national and regional space, but also seeks to contribute to quality assurance of higher education in the European Higher Education Area. 


The mission of the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education is to contribute to the improvement of quality of studies through mutual accountability and fostering of a quality culture, and to create conditions for the free movement of persons in the world by increasing transparency of qualifications and the realization of value.

SKVC actively participates in creating and improving the legal environment of studies in Lithuania and implements the national policy of external quality assurance in higher education. SKVC seeks to form an approach to higher education as a public good, from which both society and individuals benefit, by promoting conscious and responsible choices, providing objective information about education systems and their quality.

The basis for the quality of higher education is the interaction between teachers, students and the learning environment of the institution. The quality of studies is the agreement between the academic community, employers' representatives, learners on the aims, curriculum, resources and tools, the totality of results, and continuous improvement. The primary responsibility for the quality of higher education and the development of a quality culture lies with the higher education institution. SKVC's role is to promote these processes by setting quality assurance objectives, evaluation criteria and measurement indicators, and by analysing the impact of quality assurance.

Performing the functions of the academic recognition and information centre (member of ENIC / NARIC), SKVC acts as an intermediary and facilitator between individuals and institutions in Lithuania and abroad and plays an important role in implementing good practice in the recognition of foreign qualifications and ensuring its consistency in Lithuania. SKVC appreciates the benefits and challenges of academic and professional mobility for individuals and society. 


  • Professionalism – we work competently and efficiently; in order to achieve quality of our activity, we analyse it and strive to improve together. 
  • Impartiality – we are an independent organization; we carry out our activities in a transparent, public manner, without prejudice and in accordance with pre-established and published criteria and procedures; we base our decisions on facts and their expert assessment. 
  • Openness – we are open to change and innovation, we constantly learn and share our experiences.
  • Cooperation – we base our activities on respect, trust, partnerships within the organization and with stakeholders in Lithuania and abroad.  


The logo of the SKVC is a curve close to a logarithmic spiral, which seems to reflect a gradual approach to excellent quality, perfection. This curve is drawn using special, so-called golden rectangles with an aspect ratio equal to the number Phi, called golden ratio, also called divine proportion or golden section.
The golden ratio expresses such a relationship when the totality of the object agrees with the larger part as much as the larger part with the smaller one. The proportion of the golden ratio has long been used in geometry, architecture, art, music, and it appears in some patterns in nature. The sequence of spirally aligned squares was also used to draw the curve of the SKVC sign. 

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