A European approach for micro-credentials discussed at the international experts meeting


Aurelija Valeikienė, Deputy Director of SKVC, participated in a meeting of the international Micro-credentials Consultation Group organized by the European Commission by the means of a video conference. During the discussion, the definition of micro-credentials and the instruments ensuring their transparency were discussed. In addition, challenges to the recognition and quality assurance of micro-qualifications analysed.

The meeting of the advisory group was attended by representatives of the national authorities of the European Union, higher education institutions, ENIC / NARIC centers, quality agencies and international organizations, as well as individual experts.

The topic of micro-credentials is one of the priorities of the European Commission's 2020 work plan. Recently, micro-credentials as an alternative study model have become increasingly popular. They are often seen as an opportunity to increase learning flexibility, provide alternative access to higher education, and as a way to implement the concept of lifelong learning in response of the up-skilling and re-skilling needs for competitiveness in the labour market.