Corruption Prevention and Gifts


Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) introduced the zero tolerance policy towards corruption and abuse in order to ensure the transparency and publicity of its actions. The main purpose of the policy is to prevent the occurrence of corruption and prevent creating conditions for corruption in the institution’s activities.

SKVC has established a strict policy on gift-giving and decided to go above and beyond and institute a no-gift policy. The SKVC’ employees can only accept symbolic, representative gifts under the international protocol or traditions that are usually related to their job responsibilities (such as state, company or other symbols, calendar, writer, notebook, informational publications, etc.).

This policy supports personnel to conduct their work in a fair, objective and independent manner and contributes to transparency of SKVC’ activities and implementation of the institution’s values – ProfessionalismImpartialityOpenness and Cooperation.

We thank for the understanding and support of this policy.