Greater involvement in higher education quality improvement discussed with students


On 14 February, a meeting with the students’ representatives of Lithuanian higher education institutions – student forum was organized by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC). During the meeting, students’ involvement in the study evaluation process was discussed. The representatives of SKVC also introduced the upcoming national student survey system and the results of employers’ survey which was conducted by SKVC. Furthermore, the Institutional Assessment Methodology that is under preparation was discussed with students.

The meeting focused on students’ participation in the new study field evaluations. The SKVC representatives emphasized the importance of students’ involvement throughout the external evaluation process, both in terms of students’ contribution to the preparation of the study field self-evaluation report and their involvement in the expert visit. Discussions were also held with students’ representatives on how to improve communication on the future external evaluation of the study field and to communicate the evaluation results.

SKVC regularly organizes meetings with students’ representatives from higher education institutions – student forums in order to create dialogue between students and institutions implementing higher education policy. Such meetings with students have become a tradition: two forums and one working group meeting were organized last year and at least two student forums scheduled to take place this year.