Higher Education Quality, Accountability and Transparency discussed


Today the international conference on Higher Education Quality, Accountability and Transparency, organized by the Center for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC), is taking place in Vilnius.

During the event, international experts and stakeholders from Lithuania will discuss quality of higher education studies and the challenges in assuring it (Agenda). The keynote speech will be delivered by Dr. Ellen Hazelkorn (Dublin University of Technology, Ireland) on complexity of links between higher education quality, accountability of higher education institutions and deficiencies of rankings. President of the Lithuanian Students 'Union Mr. Eigirdas Sarkanas will present the students' perception of quality of studies. Prof. Modestas Gelbūda  from ISM University of Management and Economics will talk about a culture of quality as a driver for exercising responsibility and creating one’s reputation. Dr. Maria Manatos (University of Aveiro and CIPES, Portugal) will talk about relationships between quality assurance and student learning outcomes. Dr. Thomas Weko (OECD Education and Skills Directorate) will present lessons from OECD member countries in assuring quality of higher education provision.

During the event there will be a round table discussion between local stakeholders, including dr Albertas Žalys (Director of the Department of Education, Science and Technology at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports), prof. Modestas Gelbūda (ISM University of Management and Economics), Mr. Eigirdas Sarkanas (Lithuanian Students 'Union), dr. Laima Taparauskienė (Vice-Rector for Studies at Vytautas Magnus University, Chairman of the Study Committee of the Conference of Rectors of Lithuanian Universities), Ms. Danutė Valentienė (Deputy Director for Academic Activities of Šiauliai State College, Chairwoman of the Academic Activities Committee of the Conference of Directors of Lithuanian Colleges), dr. Saulius Vengris (Chairman of the Council of Higher Education),and Mr Almantas Šerpatauskas (Director of SKVC). The event is moderated by Ms. Aurelija Valeikienė, Deputy Director of SKVC.

More than 100 participants are expected from Lithuania and abroad. This is a traditional annual conference organized by SKVC as a quality assurance agency for the academic community and other stakeholders of higher education in promotion of quality culture and dialogue. The event is hosted by ISM University of Management and Economics.