List of regulated professions has been extended


On the March 16th of 2021 the extended list of regulated professions in Lithuania entered into force. It now consists of 44 regulated professions, including the new added as medical geneticist, medical psychologist, optometrist, paramedic, radiology technologist, ambulance paramedic, advanced practice nurse and advanced practice pharmacist.

Regulated profession - a professional activity for which a certain professional qualification is required. As a general rule, such activities require the licence of the coordinating authority. Such an institution (often a certain ministry or its subdivision) is indicated for each regulated profession ).

It is usually important for the authority determining the suitability of a qualification for a regulated professional activity (which essentially means the professional recognition of a qualification) to have information on the academic value of the qualification. If the qualification was obtained abroad, the institution may request a holder of qualification to submit the decision of the Study Quality Assessment Center (SKVC) regarding the academic recognition of the foreign qualification . During this procedure, the academic level of a foreign qualification in Lithuania is determined.