Lithuanian Sports University underwent a second institutional review


In October 2014, The Lithuanian Sports University underwent a second institutional review organised by SKVC. This followed on the first review of the institution conducted in October 2011. 

In September 2014, a Team of national and international experts undertook a site visit to LSU between 7th and 9th October 2014.  During their stay, the Team collected oral evidence to supplement the written evidence provided in the self evaluation report and its extensive appendices. Over the three-day visit, the Team held seventeen meetings in which they met with more than 125 internal and external stakeholders, including a wide range of staff, students, social partners and alumni, and  conducted a tour of some of the major facilities of the University.

The purpose of external review is to ensure prerequisites for the improvement of the performance of higher education institutions and the promotion of their culture of quality, and also to offer recommendations for the development of their activities.

During this repeated review of LSU, experts found tremendous improvements in the university, thus, the institution has been awarded the maximum 6-year term of accreditation. In Autum 2014, the chairman of the Review Team Prof. Geoffrey Robinson said: „ The same university in 2011 and 2014 looks like two different institutions. It has fulfilled all the recommendations and the most visible changes are made in the field of strategic management. All staff of the university is involved to the project of positive changes“.



Professor Geoffrey Robinson, Education Consultant, lately - Honorary Professor, School of Geography and Geosciences, University of St. Andrews, UK


Dr. Norma Ryan, Education Consultant and Emeritus Director of the Quality Promotion Unit, University College Cork, Ireland


Prof. dr. Jostein Hallén, Head of the Department of Physical Performance, Professor of Physiology, Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, Norway


Prof. dr. Paolo Parisi, Senior Professor of Biology and former Rector at the State University of Rome “Foro Italico”, Italy; President of the European Network of Sport Education


Dr. Linas Tubelis, Director of Lithuanian Olympic Sport Centre (representing employers)


Darius Varanius, doctoral student in biology, Vilnius University Faculty of Natural Sciences, Vilnius, Lithuania (representing students).