SKVC visited Northern Lithuania College


On 4 December, the team from the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC), consisted of Head of the Institutional Review Division Rasa Penkauskienė, Acting Head of the Study Programme Evaluation Division Eimantė Bogdan, Chief Officer of Legal and General Affairs Division Julija Kovalenko and the Review Coordinator Audrius Steponėnas visited Northern Lithuania College to discuss the commitment of the higher education institution to suspend studies related activity from 2020. The team was particularly interested in the quality of studies in this higher education institution.

Based on July 2017 order of the Minister of Education and Science from 1 July 2020 College of Northern Lithuania (hereinafter referred to as the College) will be denied permission to conduct studies. In order to ensure student rights to receive quality education, by the specified deadline, the College submits annual reports on quality monitoring and assurance to the SKVC.

During the discussion about the report of quality monitoring and assurance, the administration and students of the College were met, as well as the material base of the College was reviewed. It has to be noted that every year by the specified deadline the College has to submit a report on the quality monitoring and assurance of the quality of the studies. During the meetings, the issues mentioned in the report, issues raised by the SKVC staff, the current situation of students were discussed, and, most importantly, it was taken into consideration what measures are envisaged to ensure that all students complete their studies by the date of expiry of the College's permit.