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General Documentation Requirements

Qualifications assessed by our office

Our office is responsible for recognition of foreign qualifications giving access to higher education and higher education qualifications for the purposes of further study and/or employment in Lithuania.

Our office does not assess:

  • general education qualifications, which do not provide access to higher education
  • vocational and technical qualifications
  • PhD degrees
  • partially completed qualifications

For more information on the competent bodies for other levels of education please refer to Recognition in Lithuania

The following qualifications are recognised automatically without any additional procedures:

  • the European Baccalaureate Diploma
  • Estonian and Latvian qualifications concerning higher education awarded from 2019

Additional information on automatic recognition


Attention! From the 2 May 2018 statements of recongition will only be issued as electronic documents containing an e-signature. No paper documents will be issued in the future. Additional information.

List of required documents

Document Description

1. Application form


An application will not be processed unless all of its sections are duly filled in, signed, and supplemented with a full documentation package.


Please indicate a valid e-mail address as you will updated regarding the processing of your application by e-mail.


A separate application form needs be filled in for each qualification you are aiming to recognise in Lithuania.


Application form:


In English   


In Russian     


A copy of the application can also be picked up in our office room 101.

2. Diploma

The diploma or degree certificate has to be final and in the original language. If the final diploma is yet to be issued, please include a provisional certification, which confirms the fact of your graduation and provides the title of your qualification in the original language.

3. Academic transcript

The academic transcript, records of grades, or a similar document has to be in the original language. It should list all the subjects, grades, and credits and/or hours. For some countries, it is required for the academic transcript to be sent directly to our office from the educational institution.

4. Form of identification

A valid form of identification is a passport, a national identity card issued by an EEA or EFTA country, or a Lithuanian residence permit.


If your name in the credential differs from the name in your passport, a valid proof of name change has to be submitted. A valid proof of name change is considered to be marriage certificate, divorce certificate, or another form of proof issued by a competent official body.

5. Valid proof of name change

If your name in the credential differs from the name in your passport, a valid proof of name change has to be submitted. A valid proof of name change is considered to be marriage certificate, divorce certificate, or another form of proof issued by a competent official body.

6. Proof of purpose

Applicants must provide a document supporting their purpose for seeking recognition. Such a document should be issued by an employer or higher education institution registered in Lithuania and should indicate that they are considering you for further study or employment. The proof of purpose should be e-mailed to us directly by the employer or higher education institution to, alternatively it can be posted, or submitted in person at our office room 101, A. Goštauto str. 12, LT-01108, Vilnius, Lithuania.

You do not need to provide a proof of purpose if:

  • you are a citizen of an EU or EEA member country or their family member

  • you are a refugee/in temporary protection or are waiting for the decision on granting refuge or temporary protection

  • you have a residency permit in Lithuania, but are not a Citizen of an EU or EEA country or are a stateless person
  • you are of Lithuanian origin or are a child, grand-child, great-grandchild of a person of Lithuanian origin.

7. Documents for your prior education       

If you are applying for recognition of a second cycle higher education qualification, such as a Master degree or similar, your Bachelor diploma and academic transcript have to be submitted.

8. Any additional documents

Our office welcomes submission of any documents and/or information related to your studies that you may find to be relevant. Please note that the Centre reserves the right to ask for additional documents and/or information.

Please note! Requirements for submission of documents may vary by country. For more information, please see Country Specific Requirements.

Requirements for documents

  • All the enclosed documents (including your passport) must be originals or copies certified as true by a competent body, such as a notary public, a court official, or the isssuing institution. Scanned copies, uncertified copies, or copies attested by non-competent institutions will not be accepted. We reserve the right to request for the originals of your credentials for verification purposes at any time during the processing of your application. The submitted originals can be picked up in our office, returned in a registered letter or you may arrange for a courier service pick up at your own expense.
  • All documents issued in languages other than English, Russian, or Lithuanian should be supplemented with an official translation. A translation is considered to be official when it is bound to a certified true copy of the document in the original language and is attested by the translator’s signature. Documents issued in English, Russian, or Lithuanian do not require a translation.
  • Our office recommends legalising or certifying with an Apostille the originals of your educational credentials as in some cases it may be required (please see our Country Specific Requirements). For more information regarding legalisation or an Apostille please contact your country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The submitted credentials may be subject to verification, which requires a direct confirmation of the award of the qualification from the issuing institution.

Information for undocumented refugees

If you do not have a full documentation package, please carry out the following steps:

  • fill in the application form above
  • provide any indirect documentation if it is available, such as information on professional licensing, any documents issued by the school, etc.
  • provide an explanation as to why the documents cannot be provided.

Our office can offer a special procedure for undocumented applicants, which cannot provide documentation for objective reasons and are currently residing in Lithuania. The procedure encompasses development of a background education report and/or an external assessment of your competences. The procedure usually takes about 3 months. In order to determine your eligibility for the procedure, please apply with our office by following the steps described above.

Documents can be submitted

1. In person

Complete application packages can be dropped off at any time during our business hours at office room 101 (1st floor), A. Goštauto str. 12, LT-01108, Vilnius Lithuania

You may also fill-out an application for recognition in person, as well as submit originals or certified true copies of any documents

If you require a consultation, please arrange for a meeting in advance.

Our business hours are:

7.30-17.00 Monday to Thursday, 7.30-15.15 Friday

Lunch break 11.30-12.15

2. By post or courier service

Complete application packages can be posted to: Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education, A. Gostauto g. 12, LT-01108 Vilnius, Lithuania

The Centre is not responsible for any loss or damage of documentation during shipping. Please indiate the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education as the addressee otherwise your documentation might not be delivered.

3. Through an authorized representative

If documents are submitted through an authorised representative, an official letter of authorisation is required. There have been instances of fraudulent activity by foreign education agents, therefore please exercise caution in authorising agents or other third-parties. Please note that the procedure does not require your presence in Lithuania and services of third parties, such as agents, may be redundant.

E-mailed applications are not accepted and will not be processed.

Processing time

Applicaitons are reviewed upon receipt to determine whether a proof of purpose has been received (please see above regarding additional information on the proof of purpose). You will be notified by e-mail if we have not received such a document and the application will not be reviewed in its entirety until we receive this document. If we do not receive a proof of purpose within 3 (three) months of receiving your application of recognition, the assessment will be terminated and your application will not be processed. Please note, that no assessment of your educational credentials will take place until we receive a proof of purpose (if applicable).

After receiving a proof of purpose applications are reviewed within 20 business days. If all of the required documents have been submitted and our office has sufficient information, our decision is issued within one calendar month. Regular assessment may last up to one month counting from the date all of the necessary documents have been received (including a proof of purpose). If the provided information is insufficient, you will be notified about this by e-mail and the processing of your application will be suspended until the required documents are received.

The obligation to submit all of the documents necessary for recognition rests with the applicant.

Your application will also not be processed if:

  • we do not receive a proof of purpose from an employer or a higher education institution within 3 (three) months of receiving your application of recognition;
  • we do not receive any additional documents we have requested after reviewing your application for 1 year;
  • the submitted documents are suspected to be fraudulent. In all of such cases the documents are forwarded to the relevant authorities (the police) for investigation.

For more information, please refer to Criteria and Procedure .


The procedure is free of charge. The Centre will not cover any costs related to the submission of the required documentation. The Centre is not responsible for any loss or damage of documentation during shipping.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at +370 5 210 47 72 or