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April 2024
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Recognition in Lithuania

Two main types of recognition of foreign qualifications can be distinguished: academic and professional.

Academic recognition refers to determining the academic value of a qualification, i.e. it determines whether the foreign qualification, in principle, meets general academic requirements for a similar qualification in Lithuania. It is carried out in accordance with the Lisbon Recognition Convention and its subsidiary documents. Additional information is available at: . The principles of the Convention have been transferred into our national legislation.

Professional recognition refers to determining the professional value of a qualification, i.e. it is determined whether the qualification meets the requirements for practising a specific profession.

In some cases, the same qualification can be recognised for academic purposes, but not recognized (or only partially recognised) for professional purposes or vice versa.

The two types of recognition are regulated by national and international legislation and have differing competent recognition authorities.

Academic recognition

Academic recognition of foreign qualifications in Lithuania depends on the level of the gained qualification and the purpose of recognition, in Lithuania it is carried out by several institutions:

Qualification or parts of the programme

Competent academic recognition body

Doctorate degree in science (arts)

Research Council of Lithuania

Higher education qualifications (except doctorate degrees)

Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education

Authorized Higher Education Institution (for study purpose in these institutions only)

Periods of study

Selected Higher Education Institution

Qualifications attesting vocational education

Academic recognition not available at the moment*

Qualifications providing access to higher education (secondary education)

Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education

Authorized Higher Education Institution

Parts of secondary, primary or elementary education programmes

Selected elementary, primary or secondary school

* If an assessment of your competences is necessary it can be carried out by competence assessment institutions: accredited social partners or other institutions authorized to assess a persons profesional competence. Additional information can be found here: (link only in Lithuanian).

More information the academic recognition performed by SKVC can be found here: Apply for Recognition  

Right to appeal recognition decisions made by higher education institutions 

Academic recognition decisions regarding foreign qualifications and issued by higher education institutions can be appealed against to the Academic Recognition of Foreign Qualifications Concerning Higher Education Appeal Committee under the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education. Higher education institution is obliged to provide a holder of qualification with information concerning a right to appeal its recognition decision. 

A signed appeal should be filed within 14 days from the receipt of the decision from the higher education institution. The appeal should be addressed to the Committee and include personal data (name and surname of person who presents appeal, living address, contact e-mail and phone), a valid form of identification, an explanation as to why the decision is contested and all the supporting documentation. 

An appeal is investigated for 30 days since an appeal and all the necessary documentation related to it are received. 

Professional recognition

This is the recognition of foreign qualification gained abroad, when a person seeks to start work in a certain area. When performing the recognition of professional qualifications it is important to evaluate not only the gained qualification, but also whether the person’s knowledge, professional skills and abilities are sufficient to start working in the country of destination.

Professions are of two types as follows: regulated and non-regulated.

In a case of regulated profession an institution authorized by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania carries out the professional recognition of foreign qualification. The list of regulated professions and authorised institutions can be found at: 

In a case of non-regulated profession an employer makes a decision on professional recognition of qualification.