Follow-up activities

Follow-up activities are a part of the process of external quality assurance of study programmes. The key actor at the follow-up stage is a Higher Education Institution (HEI) responsible for improvement of the study programme with regard to the weaknesses found during self-evaluation and external evaluation. Follow-up activities are designed to assess the measures taken by HEI according to the recommendations of external evaluation.

HEI has to compose a progress report to show what recommendations of external evaluation have been implemented during the 1,5 year after the last evaluation. After receiving the progress report from HEI, SKVC shall put the progress report on the website next to the external evaluation report of the study programme.

It is recommended to compose a progress report in a format of a table. Each column of the table should indicate the following: the recommendations of external evaluation; steps taken by HEI to implement the recommendations; timeline for implementation of the recommendation; additional notes (if any). In case HEI decides not to implement recommendations or to put into practice only a part of them, the reasons should be provided in the table.

A sample of the progress table is given below:


Recommendations of external evaluation

Steps taken (or shall be taken) to implement the recommendations

Implementation timeline

Additional notes