On 22 November 2021 Almantas Šerpatauskas Director of SKVC and Aurelija Valeikienė Deputy Director of SKVC have participated in the consultation arranged between INQAAHE Board members and quality assurance agencies of the Central European region on the topic of promoting relevance, trust and recognition of quality assurance (QA) provisions globally. 


The Lithuanian Parliament has ratified the Global Recognition Convention and the President has signed the relevant law No. XIV-593 on 4 November 2021. This way, Lithuania is in the group of the very first countries which acceeded to the Convention. 


Today is World Quality Day. 


The Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) introduced the zero tolerance policy towards corruption and abuse in order to ensure the transparency and publicity of its actions. The main purpose of the policy is to prevent the occurrence of corruption and prevent creating conditions for corruption in the institution’s activities.


SKVC announces a public call for international experts to participate in external quality assessment of study fields provision and (or) institutional reviews of higher education institutions in Lithuania in II semester of 2021 and the year 2022.


The Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC), in cooperation with the National Agency for Education, performed an annual analysis of monitoring indicators of study fields. It is a tool for external quality assurance and publicity.


The Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) is sharing the progress in the implementation of SMART-QUAL project activities, carried-out in cooperation with European partners - QA agencies and higher education institutions.


On the 10th of June the Third Quality Forum took place. It was organised online by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (the Centre). This Quality Forum was dedicated to discuss the experiences of the first results of external evaluations of study fields that were performed in 2020.


Holders of foreign secondary qualifications who are aiming for admission to state funded places in the Lithuanian universities and colleges can now apply with our office for recognition and conversion of grades. The application form can be filled out and submitted online at https://epe.skvc.lt/.


The Center for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) has successfully completed a training cycle of eight events for academic staff of higher education institutions – those who are in charge of study programme committees and teachers. The training received a lot of attention from universities and colleges - in total, 263 representatives of higher education institutions from all Lithuanian HEIs participated.


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