Kolping College accredited for a 7-year term


On 12 May 2022, the Director of SKVC signed an order to accredited the Kolping College (Kolpingo kolegija – College) for a 7-year term.  

The experts proposed to evaluate the performance of the higher education institution positively.

The performance of the higher education institution is assessed in four areas on a five-point scale, with 1 being the lowest possible score and 5 being the highest possible score. The areas of Management, Studies and Research (Art) and Impact on Regional and National Development were scored well, with 3 points, which meant the areas are being developed systematically and without major shortcomings. The Quality Assurance field is rated as very good and scored 4 points meaning the field is very well placed in the national context and in the international context, with no drawbacks.

In summary, the College's activities are based on a strong culture and ethos, a solid sense of institutional identity and community, in line with the founder (Kolping Foundation) and the owner (Kolping Bildungswerk Wuerttemberg). Although being a small, the College demonstrates a belief in its mission and values among staff and students. The strong culture of the College is evident in all areas of activity, and these values are turned into actions and behaviours that are visible both internally and externally. The College's unique position and its relationship with the Kolping Foundation should be the basis for developing the College's vision for the next 10 years.

According to the expert panel, the academic profile of the fields of study and the research carried out are in line with the College's strategic objectives. The academic and pastoral support provided to students promotes the development and realisation of their academic and professional potential, which is fully in line with the College's objectives of inclusion and provision of educational opportunities without discrimination. The areas of applied practical research and professional activities make an important contribution to the development of the fields of study. This is particularly evident in professional practice and the use of real practical examples and case studies (in learning and teaching). The level of research, given the size of the institution, is in strong need of development, particularly in terms of in-house research and comparative research focused on internal quality assurance systems.

In general, the College has a broad group of regional social stakeholders who are regularly consulted and involved in the analysis of regional needs in terms of the development of new studies, research and long-term labour market needs. The impact on national and international developments is less clear as the College focuses on a strong regional identity and the support of local social actors and communities.

Kolping College is a non-state not for profit institution of higher education, located in Kaunas, Lithuania. The College offers 4 first cycle professional bachelor study programs: Social Work Management, Child Welfare and Social Security, Ecotourism and Transport Logistics. In 2020-2021, 267 students studied at the College, and there were 35 lecturers and 14 administrative staff. In total 1,512 students have graduated from the College since its foundation 25 years ago.

The full evaluation report of Kolping College can be found here.