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2013-01-05 14:33

Education in Lithuania

Education in Lithuania

The present-day educational system in Lithuania covers:

·        Formal Education (primary, basic, secondary education, formal vocational education and training and higher education studies);

·        Non-formal Education (pre-school, pre-primary, other non-formal education of children (as well as the teaching supplementing the formal education) and of adults);

·         Informal education;

·        Educational assistance (vocational guidance, informational, psychological, socio-pedagogical, special pedagogical and special assistance of education, healthcare at school, consultation, in-service training of teachers and other assistance).

Formal education schools shall be divided into the following groups:

1) General education schools (a primary school, a pre-gymnasium, a basic school, a secondary school, and a gymnasium);  

2) Vocational schools;

3) Higher education institutions (universities and colleges).

In Lithuania there are State or non-State (municipal, private or other) education institutions. Public education institutions are financed by the government while non-state schools in most of cases have no financial assistance.

School attendance in Lithuania is compulsory for pupils up to 16 years old. The school calendar covers a minimum of 175 days for compulsory education. The school year generally starts on the 1st September and ends after the 30th of June.

Useful links:

·         Publication Education in Lithuania (2010) prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania.




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